Friday, August 6, 2010


So I just finished reading the last of the PostSecret books - there are now 5 of them. In chronological order they are:

1. Extraordinary Confessions from Ordinary Lives: A PostSecret Book by Frank Warren
2. My Secret: A PostSecret Book by Frank Warren
3. The Secret Lives of Men and Women: A PostSecret Book by Frank Warren
4. A Lifetime of Secrets: A PostSecret Book by Frank Warren
5. Confessions of Life, Death, and God: A PostSecret Book by Frank Warren

I have skimmed through a couple of these books before and I get a set of some postcards in my inbox on Sundays to look at, but reading these books really makes you think about the fact that everyone has some sort of secret. Everyone goes through something that they keep a secret that someone else has in common with them. Everyone has doubts, fears, and troubles that bring us down. But these books show just how resilient we are. These books could probably be considered an easy read, since it's easy to get through them quickly, but I wouldn't consider them an easy read - while the reading part is easy, the thinking about the secrets hits a little deeper than that. Instead of just skimming over words on a page, these words have a deeper meaning. These words have a story behind them.

These books get an five star rating and an A+ for how incredibly impactful they are. I have not sent in a postcard, but I have seen my secrets on the pages of those books and I have felt relief.

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