Friday, July 30, 2010

God, Guns, & Rock'N'Roll

I just finished the first book that I have read in a long time - "God, Guns, & Rock'N'Roll" by Ted Nugent. Now I know that I probably don't sound like someone that would read a book by Ted Nugent, but I have to admit, I really liked this book. Based on the fact that the word guns is in the title, I knew that he would be talking about guns. Not only does he address guns, but a lot of what he talks about is hunting, something that I know barely anything about. But I've got to hand it to him - his writing really changed my mind on a lot of things.

I have never really had an opinion about guns, other than the fact that I am terrified of them. It may be because I have never taken a gun safety course, or because I don't know anything about them, but I have never been a huge fan. Not only that, but I never saw a need to have a gun since I don't hunt. But Ted Nugent managed to change my mind. After reading this book, not only would I like to learn how to shoot a gun (and maybe even own one), but I also would love to give hunting a try. He and I are both on the same page when it comes to enjoying nature and that may have played a key part in his ability to write so beautifully.

This book is not only for those who hunt or use guns, but is a great book for those who do not. I never thought that this book would have any sort of message for me since I didn't hunt or shoot for fun, but I was completely wrong. Not only did the book get me interested in those things, but it taught me more about discipline, family, adventure, nature, food, and passion. I definitely give this book an A+ for not only opening my eyes and the wonderful writing, but for being a book that almost anyone can relate to.

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