Monday, July 12, 2010


Oh life and all its glory. Have you ever spent time just completely absorbed in the sounds of nature or the beauty that surrounds you? I know that I have a habit of taking things for granted and how beautiful the world is just happens to be one of those things. It's gorgeous outside today - 80 degrees F with a slight breeze, partly cloudy, not too humid. I should probably be outside enjoying the weather, but since I am not feeling 100%, I am inside with my back door open enjoying the sights and sounds of nature. I love that sometimes it doesn't make a lot of noise, but every once in a while, I will hear a car drive by or the sound of a child calling to her friends. Sometimes in the distance, I will hear someone mowing their lawn and the sound of the rustling of the trees is magical. I must sound like I am on some sort of drug to feel so in tune with nature, but it's really one of those things that I love about life. I think we all go through life not really paying attention to the world around us because we are so busy dealing with the problems and situations of our lives. But sometimes, all we need is a few moments of solitude to look around - look outside and appreciate the beauty of the world.

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