Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Smithsonian's 40 Things

So I just got done reading an issue of Smithsonian (July/August 2010) that had a cover story stating "40 Things You Need to Know About the Next 40 Years." Smithsonian Magazine is now 40 years old and offered the 40 things that we should know about what is going to or could happen in the next 40 years, which would culminate in the year 2050. There are some very interesting items that we should note and the one that struck a chord with me was item number 40: "Reading will be more athletic. It will seem weird to read without moving your body."

This article talked about such things are how reading will become something we do less often with actual books and more often virtually on a screen. This thought, while it could be true, saddens me because I love to read actual books. There is something about turning a page as opposed to touching a screen or scrolling down. Plus, reading from actual materials doesn't affect our eyes as much as staring at a screen does. The thought that books as we known them could be gone makes me not want to use the new technology of the Amazon Kindle or the Barnes and Noble Nook. The Internet is always going to offer things to read online, but I'm not a huge fan of using other things in order to read books as well. I may just be a purist when it comes to reading, but I'd rather buy hardcover and paperback books any day.

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