Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Thoughts Floating...

Sometimes I feel as though the world surrounding me has overwhelmed my being. Thoughts continuously floating in and out of my mind, with no rhyme or reason attached to any of them. Things that makes sense and things that don't. Pain and happiness in a tug of war. Learning that it's possible to live with both. Sometimes, my emotions come out in ways I never thought possible, around people I never imagined would take notice. Feeling like my arms are stretched open wide, ready to embrace life; yet never having the faith in myself to reach for some of my dreams. Reality seems like an alternative. Wanting and ever more needing to accomplish something that makes me happy. Being told that I can't or won't because it just doesn't happen to people like me. Knowing that it would take more time and devotion than I have to give; yet, feeling the pull of gravity in the direction of my heart. Feeling freedom...finding me.

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