Sunday, January 16, 2011

Book 3 of 2011

A couple of days ago I finished another Max Lucado book (I only have one more to read for now) called "Six Hours One Friday". It is another book focusing on the crucifixion of Jesus and offered interesting images of people asking for his forgiveness as they prepared for death (one of the thieves next to him on another cross) and offered some great images of what the atmosphere and sky were like as death drew upon them. It was almost frightening at time, but made it all the more real. It was yet another great book - definitely an A+.

On another note, I have recently signed up on a site called This seems to be a healthy living site where there are tons of people in a community sharing their goals of getting healthy. You can use their nutritional tool to track your foods and they take care of figuring out how much you should eat based on your age, weight, ideal weight, height, etc. You can also set your fitness goals, using their strengthening exercises plan or using your own and tracking your cardio workouts. It has been a great first week for me and I hope that things keep going in a positive direction. Although the migraines have not decreased any, and have actually gotten a tiny bit worse this last week (maybe based on the exercise that I haven't done in a long time), I am hoping that losing the weight will help me get rid of them.

Peace and Love

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