Friday, January 7, 2011

Book 1 of 2011

Yay! So I have already started on my New Year's resolutions by finishing my first book of 2011. I recently finished reading a wonderful book called "Just Like Jesus" by Max Lucado. If you follow my blog, you know that I have read a few of his books before (he has A LOT)and he just keeps on inspiring me through every book that he writes. This book doesn't need much of an explanation, as the title does a great job of describing it. But one thing that I loved about this book was that it compared the ways that Jesus was like us on Earth and how we can honor him and strive to be like him while we are here. I loved that there was a chapter on how we should spend time with him daily in prayer and reading his Word. It was incredibly comforting. I would definitely give this book an A+ for being a great book to turn to in order to learn to be like Jesus.

I highly recommend that when you read an inspiring book (or really any book for that matter), keep a notebook near you. You may come across some interesting quotes (as I so often do) that will strike you as something you want to remember. It's a great way to not only learn something from what you are reading, but something that can take you back to what you were reading when you read that quote.

More books to come!!

Peace and Love

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