Saturday, November 13, 2010

Two Documentaries

So last night I decided to check out a couple of documentaries that I had in my instant queue on Netflix (which by the way is one of the BEST investments that anyone can make who enjoys watching movies, tv shows, etc. We pay $9.16 a month for unlimited dvds - we can only get 1 at a time, but as many as we want in a month as well as unlimited instant views, which we can watch on the computer, or on the tv - people can use it through their xbox 360 or wii).

The first documentary I decided to check out was called "Modify". It was about body modification, in many forms, some of which I had never categorized as body modification before such as plastic surgery and body building. It also explores tattooing, piercing (a lot of piercings - all over the body), plugs in ears (which is stretching of the earlobes), branding, the splitting of the tongue, and suspending (which is when people suspend in the air by hooks in their back - kind of shocking to see. This documentary will open the eyes to those who haven't seen a lot body modification in its extreme forms. I wouldn't recommend this movie for young children as genitals and blood are shown. Overall, I thought it was an interesting documentary, but nothing that really changed my views, since I am pretty open minded.

The second documentary that I watched was called "Super High Me". Kind of based on the premise of "Super Size Me", Doug Benson (a comedian - who is known for smoking pot) decided to go without pot for 30 days and then smoke all day, every day for 30 days. He explores the pot industry, especially California, where marijuana is available for medicinal purposes thanks to proposition 215. It shows the dispensaries where people can purchase pot, in all forms - some people can't smoke it, so they have topical sprays, pills, and even lip balm. Unfortunately, the federal government still views all marijuana distribution as illegal, even though California does not view it as such for these dispensaries - so the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) invades a couple of these places, completely removing everything - all the pot products and the computers where patient information is stored. But the people keep fighting back and the dispensaries are re-opened. You see Doug do his stand up and take several tests including the SAT, a psychic test, and a memory test, as well as checking his sperm count both without and with the use of pot - which provided some interesting results. Overall, I thought it was a highly interesting documentary that I wouldn't have though of watching before, but offered a lot of information that I wasn't aware of and opened my eyes to the world of pot.

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