Saturday, November 6, 2010

Get in the Game

So, it's November 6, 2010 and I have only read 14 books. I'm not confident that I am going to be able to reach 75 books before midnight on January 1, 2011. But I'm still going to try. In fact, I recently finished two books.

The first book I read I have read before - last year I believe. It is called "Get in the Game: 8 Elements of Perseverance That Make the Difference" by Cal Ripken, Jr. This book is an incredibly inspiring book about the things that Ripken has learned throughout his life and have been applied to his life since childhood. He discusses his baseball career and his personal life, where he has come from, and what he has learned along the way. There are so many lessons that can be applied to anyone's life - no matter who you are, where you are from or what you do for a living. This book has inspired me to keep fighting when I feel that I have nothing left. This books gets an A+ from me and I highly recommend that everyone read this book.

The second book that I just finished is called "I'm With Fatty: Losing Fifty Pounds in Fifty Miserable Weeks" by Edward Ugel. You may have noticed that this is the same man who wrote the lottery book that I finished a little while ago. This book seemed to hit a little more at home for me though. If you have followed my blog, you know that I have sleep apnea and have been trying to lose weight to see if I can get rid of not only that, but my migraines as well. Since the end of February, I have lost 13 pounds, which doesn't sound like much at all. But I'm proud that I have done that so far. Anyway, this book (which I had heard nothing about and was published this year) was like reading about myself to a degree. When Edward found out that he had sleep apnea and had to wear a CPAP mask, he absolutely hated it. I dread the idea of having to wear one. That fact inspired him to lose weight in order to not have to wear one anymore. He enlisted the help of a nutritionist and a trainer (neither of which I would be able to afford), and really started to change his life. He loved fried foods and Asian cuisine. He considered himself a "foodie", which I love. He was considered the cook in his household and he had to completely change the way that he lived his life. It was inspiring to read his story, which was not only informative, but humorous as well. He told of his experience with his first colonic and going on a cleanse, his meltdown where he binged on bad food for a week while his family was out of town, and how he realized that this was something that wasn't a short term project, but the way he would have to live the rest of his life. This book deserves an A+ and will inspire those who read it.

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