Friday, November 12, 2010

The Cove

So today is one of those days. I love that it's rainy and cloudy - something most people hate. But I'm kinda missing my Dad. He lives in Georgia and I haven't seen him in three and a half years. Really sucks. I have a great relationship with him and sometimes, I just miss him. Blah.

On a more positive front (I guess), I watched the Cove last night. What an impactful movie. Little known fact about me: Dolphins are one of my two favorite animals (with Tigers). I have always wanted to go swimming with dolphins and think it would be an incredible experience. I still have that goal - only now I would rather do it in the ocean as opposed to some place where they are living in captivity. This movie completely shined a light on places like Sea World and aquariums where dolphins live and perform in captivity. These intelligent creatures were not meant to be "show ponies."

But the main focus of the movie takes place in Taiji, Japan, in a small cove where dolphins are sorted out. The "best" dolphins are taken to be placed in these aquariums while the rest are moved to a hidden lagoon where they are slaughtered. No one has ever been able to see what goes on in this place, and these people were able to set up secret cameras in order to be able to capture the whole thing. To actually see what happens - it's horrifying and sad. This is a movie that EVERYONE needs to see. We need to stand up against this horrible act of violence. We need to do whatever we can - contact the World Wildlife Fund, Greenpeace, the government of Japan, the IWC (International Whaling Commission), EVERYONE. We need to stop this before it continues to get worse.

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