Wednesday, June 2, 2010


You know what one of the greatest things in the world is? Sports. It's one of the most incredible things in the world. The games bring ups and downs, celebrations and defeat. Now I am not a huge Detroit Tigers fan (I'm a MN Twins fan), but Armando Gallaraga had a chance at throwing a perfect game against the Cleveland Indians. A perfect game -- it's one of the most incredible things to see in baseball and brings tears to my eyes when I get to see one, even if it is only on tv. Gallaraga had to get only one more out and as (what would have been) the last batter slapped a ball to the 1st base side of the field, Gallaraga went to cover 1st base. The ball was passed to him and he stepped on the bag, a split second before the runner stepped on the base. He clearly had gotten the guy out, but the 1st base umpire (Jim Joyce) called the run safe. Replays showed that Joyce had gotten the call wrong, but the call could not and would not be reversed. A travesty in the world of baseball.

One of the other most exciting things to watch is the NHL Stanley Cup finals. It's incredible to watch grown men rush around on ice, giving everything they have for that amazingly gorgeous and very heavy cup. It's definitely something that not many things can compare with.

Competition is one of the most wonderful things that can take place -- and watching it take place in sports is one of the greatest things to experience. There is something incredible about rooting for your team, feeling like you really are a part of the team itself. In fact, when I talk about my favorite teams, I use the phrase "we", as if I'm talking about my teammates. The victories and the devastation of sports is what makes life so exciting. Sports epitomizes what life is all about. A series of victories and defeats, but still getting out there the next day and trying again to get a win.

So here is my question from my last post and here is my own answer:

Question: Do you judge people based on their taste in music? How has musical taste enhanced or detracted from your relationships?

Answer: I do not judge people based on their musical tastes. I feel like that would be completely wrong because there are so many people that listen to music that you wouldn't expect them to listen to when you see them. I am one of those people. I am such an eclectic person and I listen to so many types of music -- it just depends on my mood. As for how music has affected my relationships, it hasn't really changed anything. If anything, being with my boyfriend has opened my eyes to new music that I haven't had a chance to experience. I may not like everything I hear, but at least I can say that I have heard it.

My question to you this time around: Do you watch sports? Do you have a favorite sport or favorite sports team? What is one of the greatest moments in sports?

Peace and Love

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